Inspired by the legacy of the Great Mughal emperors that spiced up the Indian sub-continent’s rich cuisines, we are the exporter of the best quality hygienic snacks with a unique freshness, flavor, taste, and aroma. We have become a recognized leader in the European market for our extensive product range and optimized delivery networks. Mughal is committed to captivating the culinary senses of consumers produced by the latest European machinery/equipments, blended with a professional team of food experts, chefs and efficient processing to present a culinary experience that is magnificent.

Our Pursuit


Vegetable Samasa

Plain Paratha

Bhapa Pitha

Plain Paratha

Chital Pitha

Dal Puri

Plain Paratha

Puli Pitha (POP)

Dal Puri (Plain)

Choi Pitha

Alo Puri

Dal Paratha

Nun Gora

Narkel Puri (Sugar)

Mini Nun Gora

Narkel Gur Puri

Onion Paratha

Gurer Shandesh

Vegetable Singara

Spring Onion Paratha

Patishapta Pitha with Suzi


Plain Paratha

Patishapta Pitha with Narkel

Mini Aloo Puri

Bakhar Khani


Mini Narkel Gur Puri

Chaler Ruti

Mini Narkel Puri (Sugar)

Mini Dal Puri(Hot & Spicy)

Mini Dal Puri(Plain)

Onion Bhaji (Piaju)

Mini Vegetable Singara

Keski Chop


Vegetable Spring Roll

Vegetable Samosa

Pastry Sheet

Chicken Nugget

Chicken Meat Ball ( With Bread Crumbs)

Fish Nugget

Fish Ball (With Bread Crumbs)